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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5




Mrs B Kendall

Year 5 Teacher


Mrs G Foster

Year 5 Teacher 

Mr J Brady

Year 5 Teacher 




Mrs M Darbyshire

Learning Assistant

Mrs S Connelly

Learning Assistant


Mrs D Normanton

Learning Assistant



Below is a useful guide to show what your child needs each day.


Reading record needs to be brought to school.


 Reading record needs to be brought to school.



P.E - please ensure earrings are removed or plasters are supplied.

Reading record needs to be brought to school.


Reading record needs to be brought to school.


Reading record check- at least 3 home reads.

Spelling test /10 and new spellings given.

TT Rockstars sessions to be completed x5

New spellings to be given out.


Additionally, children are expected to access TT Rockstars and complete a minimum of five sessions per week. There are also extra resources on Mathletics and Purple Mash, if you feel your child would benefit from these.  

Please ensure your child reads a minimum of three times a week (50 pages or more in total) and their reading records are signed each time.

Please ensure that all school uniform and P.E kits are clearly labelled.


Here is some of our children's work.

Year 5 Blog

Y5 Spring

Keeping Active

Bethany Kendall (bethanykendall) on: Y5 Spring

Year 5 have been enjoying cricket lessons with a professional sports coach. So far they have learnt how to catch, throw and bowl. We have been really impressed with their sporting skills so far.

Science Week

Bethany Kendall (bethanykendall) on: Y5 Spring

Year 5 had so much fun taking part in this year's Science Week. We investigated what would happen to gummy bears when placed in water and what happens to an egg when placed in vinegar. The results were very interesting and took us all by surprise. As part of our lessons on Gravity and Air Resistance, we made our own parachutes and measured the time it took for them to reach the ground. We had some excellent designs. 


World Book Day!

Bethany Kendall (bethanykendall) on: Y5 Spring

Year 5 enjoyed taking part in a range of activities for World Book Day 2021! They even created some of their favourite characters from potatoes. Can you guess any?


Art Inspired by Keith Haring

Bethany Kendall (bethanykendall) on: Y5 Spring

The Year 5 children have produced some wonderful pieces of art work in the style of Keith Haring. We continued to develop our sketching skills whilst incorporating Haring's use of bold colour and outlines.

Captain Sir Tom Moore

Bethany Kendall (bethanykendall) on: Y5 Spring

We have been remembering and learning all about the inspirational Captain Sir Tom Moore. Year 5 have created poems, medals and even set themselves a physical challenge in memory of him. Well done Year 5!


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